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B2C Marketing in Current Indian Real Estate

Date: 2021-06-09

All About B2C Marketing in Real Estate

In this pre-existing COVID-19 situation, it's tough to manage. The real estate during COVID is being affected severely. In COVID-19 Pandemic B2C marketing was forced to go digital in a gigantic way. B2C Marketing sellers and buyers were the ones to suffer, but now the crisis reaction is not the same. It has become an important part of how sellers and buyers will perform their business in the upcoming days. This circumstance has become the next normal for Indian real estate agents. Globally industries reveal that the massive switch to digitalization going to stay.

B2C Marketing Agents are going to prefer the reality of Digital Marketing

Both sellers and buyers in B2C Marketing prefer digital self-service, which can remotely engage them face to face with the clients for interaction which has been more intensified over the lockdown.

Of course, you can't risk your safety; that's the case why more than four quarters of clients are looking for the digital world. For the Indian real estate market, it is getting easier to place orders, getting information from all over the world, arranging services. Clients even enjoy the convenience and the speed of how work is done. However, 20 percent of B2C agents are eager to return to their in-person sales.

Indian Real Estate Marketing

Covid days have changed the scenario of Indian real estate marketing drastically. Virtual meetings and marketing through digital mode are what most Indian real estate businesses are looking for so that they can get the targeted buyers. Moreover, this new mode of real estate marketing is achieving huge success.

COVID pandemic improve the digitization of real estate marketing

Here social media sites come to liberation when the major source of data for buyers has shifted to the Internet over the past years. Nowadays, Indian real estate companies are dependent upon hoarding and newspaper advertisements. Moreover, the situation is urging people to stay at home and spend their whole time on the phone, which is a good way to attract their attention towards the marketplace and to invest. Several companies are identifying this strategy and growing up. From social media networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, and webinars have been overrun with high-quality content which is entirely targeted to a particular sector of people who try to invest in a job.

B2C Marketing Strategies

Many developers working on this platform have been working on drone shots for online tours. The technology in the Indian real estate market has gained fame. Client Services are now being conducted through zoom and also takes place in Google meet for a better understanding of the work. And practical work has to be done through drone shooting, but some companies do not include such video representation on pandemic days. Few companies are smart enough to make the consumer demand rightly. Online booking is likewise made by some companies to improve online appointment and purchasing homes at affordable prices, and the amount can be paid through UPO, RTGS and even by NEFT, which save much of the time of buyers and sellers.

The influence of the digital transformation has turned the negative effects into positive ones, which are going to reshape the destiny of the companies. There are many ways to increase the buying process and strengthen the speed of sales by introducing the 3D walkthrough and AR and VR to initiate the experiencing and immersive. Through the digital medium, the decision-making process has been intensified. Therefore, if someone is from abroad, he/she can get a comfortable knowledge about the estate and prepare a good decision before buying it.

Associations joining the Indian real estate market

At this moment, different Indian real estate institutions and groups have been joined hand in hand to perform webinars and workshops in marketing and sales. Organizations such as the Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI) and the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO)are conducting webinars for fresher and developers to supervise the real estate stakeholders to improve marketing and sales while analyzing the exact need of the client in a pandemic situation.

B2C marketing has increased the confidence among the buyers, and they are more willing to pay for the work and asking queries frequently. The marketing strategy is improving day by day by the developers by preventing over-committing. They have promoted themselves in the era of social media and e-governance.

B2C marketing even started to perform referral schemes. Many real estates from allied sectors have been voted for this. Here existing customers, which helps in referring other buyers and restoring constant treaties, have become more simple.

B2C Marketing Benefits

In pre-COVID days, developers are using baits to provide a heavy discount to their customers to attract consumers and give some idea about how they work so that if a person is likely to buy, he/she can move forward with no hesitation. However, the builders are offering adjustable terms and conditions, from cash discounts to refundable token amounts being offered to the interested customers. To get home during the pandemic is necessary, therefore, the B2C market agents are targeting homebuyers who are likely to have a house who are battling in a rented house to live.

In India, the best time to buy a house is during the festive season, where you can find a variety of different options with affordable housing prices which can be profitable for both parties.

What proposals are developers providing during the festive season?

There are many ways to look for offers from the respective owners, such as during festive days, developers are offering suitable terms and conditions, cash discounts and a refundable token amount to attract the clients.

How are Indian real estate units benefiting developers with marketing during COVID-19?

Marketing during covid is no joke but can be carried forward with a strong plan. Thus, organizations are conducting webinars and workshops for their customers while giving a practical view of certain things to tutor stakeholders to grow marketing and sales through new techniques. Moreover, there are many sorts of tools and resources that a developer uses to reach out to the customers. Social media comes into play when we talk about making contact with the public. Tools such as Linked In, Instagram, Facebook and also Zoom and google meet are useful to reach your target audience.

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