How to Check Construction Quality of your Home

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Today we have brought for you an article on - “how to check the construction quality of your home”!

To begin with the famous saying of the former Prime minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. Winston Churchill, “We shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us”. Be it any type of construction – residential or non-residential. The same rule stands firm and valid. So is the power of a well-designed, properly executed construction.

While it comes to construction and the importance of ensuring it is in its best form, the first term that comes into the limelight is “Quality”.

How important is “Construction quality”?

Come, let us have a look at the same.

As is the common rule, having a fruitful output for any process is much desired and expected. Same goes with the construction of a building.

a) Reduction of delay

Having an eye on all the key factors of the project ensures its timely completion, without delays.

Which is a much-needed attribute in the client’s end as well as the most significant responsibility of the project management team.

b) Cost and time management

The term ‘Construction Quality’ is not just coined to consider the process standards, but as a whole – the materials, manpower, the safety of work execution – and the like. ISO 9000 standards are used in general to check the compliance of products and processes in the quality context.

Proper monitoring of all the above saves pockets as well as time.

c) Reputation concerns

Poor quality puts the contractor’s reputation at stake. Not just that, the construction market is highly competitive. All the key personnel involved in the project should ensure a timely, highly curated, filtered output to minimize errors. Covering construction site personnel including site managers and the main contractor’s staff to daily laborers.

d) Less wastage

Domains like “construction management” are gaining momentum in the industry these days. An important reason why is because people as a whole have started to realize the vitality of construction quality.

Quality construction ensures less wastage of materials and thereby rooting for long-term sustainable development, cutting unnecessary misuse.

e) Satisfying the purpose

The aim of suiting the purpose will no longer be served, in absence of quality construction. Every building is made with an intent of use. If the components fail and the element of utility remains unperformed, the entire project bears the loss.

Now that we have gone through the gravity of construction quality and what it means in a general context, let us get to business. If our aim is to check the construction quality of a home, how do we go forward?

How to check house construction quality?

Listed below are a few techniques that propose to answer this question.

The strategy is simple – begin your inspection from the ground and then sequentially onto the superstructure.

1. Starting from the soil

If the base is set stable, everything else automatically follows. The characteristics of soil determine the strength and stability of the structure that is built on top of it. However, it is to note that this comes particular to a proposed house awaiting construction than one which is already constructed.

How to ensure construction quality: Prior to building on the site, carry out all the essential soil tests like – compaction, moisture content, and specific gravity test with the help of geotechnical professionals.

2. The Structural Elements

If your house is awaiting construction you should definitely give attention to all the details of structural elements – be it beams, columns, or slabs. For all these elements contribute to the skeletal framework of the building and if these are not in place, the strength and durability of the structure will be gone for a toss.

How to ensure construction quality: Prior to placing reinforcements in the formwork before concreting, check them. Also, check for the quality of shuttering plates with the aid of supervisors and engineers.

3. The Walls

You can analyze closely to figure out the presence of any sort of moisture ingress in the walls. You can also look out for signs like peeling and blistering of paint in such areas. Moisture and dampness in walls have enough potential to make the element weak. Luckily, you can see the deterioration if any on the walls, with your naked eyes and can take swift decisions for its rectification.

How to ensure construction quality: Look out for the presence of moulds and mildews and the smell of dampness. You can also carry out water ingress protection testing.

4. The wet areas

In an already constructed house that is being occupied, major issues can arise concerned with its wet areas. The slop of floors in bathrooms that reaches the drains needs to be checked. It should be ensured that there is proper sealing to reduce water seepage in the dry areas of bathrooms.

How to ensure construction quality: Check the bathroom fixtures. The slope of the bathroom can be measured simply using a tape – just measure the distance between the shower’s farthest corner and the drain to figure out the slope.

5. Exterior of buildings

Material quality influences the construction quality in the exterior of buildings. The crack patterns call out for a deeper instability – even at the foundation level. Also, make sure the concrete mix is of sound quality.

How to ensure construction quality: Analyse the outer wall plastering and evenness of wall thickness. Non-homogeneity in walls also emphasize the problems with concrete mixes giving an idea of construction quality.

6. Safety features

The safety of elements is an important factor that should not be omitted. The stairways and lifts need to be given due importance. The standards and common guidelines for use need to be met. Check for the working condition of emergency stop switches and power supply lines. However, normal houses do not have lifts and these are in particular for high-rise residential buildings.

How to ensure construction quality: Lifts in such high-rise residential buildings will be maintained by their own manufacturers who are bonded by a contract. Ensure that the inspection is properly carried out in regular time intervals.

Quoting Benjamin Franklin, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”, emphasizes the need for confirming construction quality at its very best.

This is relevant in a scenario of people vouching for “low priced materials”, unbothered of their accordance to quality.

So that was some information about construction quality and “how to check the construction quality of your home” for you. We hope you find the article informative!